Pete and Tony at a Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce event.

Flex-Pro Label, Inc. is a family owned and operated business in Cincinnati, Ohio. The two owners are Tony and Pete Harpen. Our father Walter started the business in 1969 under the name “All-Stik Label, Inc.” We’ve gone through some big changes over the years, and I’m sure Dad would be very proud of what we’ve done.

We produce labels primarily on flexographic printing presses, thus the name “Flex-Pro” as we are flexographic professionals! We have recently expanded into the digital field of label printing and we continue to move in that direction.

We are very versatile and sell labels to all business types. We sell primarily through distributors in all 50 states as well as Mexico and Canada.

If you would like more information on Flex-Pro or would like to set yourself up a a distributor, give us a call; (800) 356-3103 or Contact Us.